Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 23, 2017

CHP on the Lookout


Meet CHP Officer Alex Barajas!  I met Alex at a favorite lookout on Palomar.  He is also  on the look out for the crooks that drive that white truck.  Alex works Palomar, Pauma, Pala and Valley Center area 5 days a week. He has the photos posted from the trail cam and the other officers are aware of the situation.  Thank you Alex!

We need more trail cams on Palomar!  Here is a note from the property owner where the crooks broke in and burglarized:

“I am sad to say it was our place on the mountain that was burglarized, We had placed cameras to get license plates. These low-lifes had no front plate and left at a high rate of speed in which if plate on rear was there no way to read it. We had 7 cameras on our property. Needless to say, they found most of them.

Believe me they come prepared to get through to rob. They have cordless grinders and a torch setup that blows holes through 2 inch solid metal. Not only did they tear off a gate, they had to cut part of an oak tree that fell to gain access, I’m sure they were using our chainsaws, along with all the other tools all stolen, from the last time they robbed us!!!

They took riding mower, floor jack, cameras, mountain bike and went through every tool chest and cabinet. They did all this in less than 1 hours time! We need to urge each and every one to be the extra eyes and ears to put a stop to these career criminals!! Please call Valley Center Sheriffs station if you think you have seen them or their vehicle or have any info to get them prosecuted! They drove a two toned Chevy truck, possibly white with lower colored stripe, black, blue or red? Aluminum rims, off road tires, extended cab, black tool box in bed. White male passenger, facial hair, possibly reddish. Lets make our mountain our place we can continue to enjoy and love for its Beauty and Peace!!! Let’s get these guys!!!”

The first post about the burglary has been updated with the detective’s name and phone numbers.  Here is the link for those of you who would like to turn the post around – that truck should be pretty easy to spot:


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