Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 19, 2016

Lookout Towers Closing for the Season


From: Scott McClintock

Lookout Towers Closing for the Season

The Forest Fire Lookout Association is the group that staffs the two fire lookout towers on the mountain.  High Point tower is 2 miles northeast of the observatory, and Boucher Hill tower is on the west side of the State Park.  The volunteers have been on duty virtually every day since May 1st, and will be shuttering the towers for the winter on November 30.  This season they have provided over 11,000 hours of vigilance, reporting smokes so that firefighters get early warning of young wildfires.  They also report weather readings that help the National Weather Service and the Cleveland National Forest in predicting wildfire behavior.  At Boucher Hill tower, they also serve as docents and provide free tours of the historic structure.

This Thanksgiving, take your mind off of the post-election turmoil for a while and give thanks to those quiet, unsung volunteers who help keep our mountain safe.

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