Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 18, 2016

Spoken for pretty quick!


The owners of this charming O’Chalet gave me keys a while back.  They were going to do some painting and then I would take pix for marketing.  We’ll this is the most recent pic!  We just had the chimney swept and septic certified – inspections are done.  I finally got the cabin on my website … tonight!  I couldn’t resist slipping a client in a few weeks ago and he couldn’t resist being the next owner of this cabin looking out to the 575 acre Jeff Valley.  It is already spoken for!

I do have the keys to the cabin next door… now is your chance to have even more to be thankful for with a cabin in your name on Palomar!

Just realized we have eight escrows rolling up here and several closed this week.  Buyers have been calling and emailing, looking for some new options.  Just let me know what questions I may answer for you to be the next ‘In Escrow’ sign on Palomar.

Looking for a mountain property?  Let’s take off with my keys!!!

Bonnie enjoying Fall on the Mountain




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