Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 19, 2016

Mountain Lion Photo Shoot

mtnions  mtnlion

Look who came for breakfast!  Thanks to neighbor Jim Hamerly for having his camera close to their table this morning and sharing his amazing photos with us.  Here are notes from his Facebook post:

<<< Eating breakfast at 7 am and these two young mountain lions sauntered by our home and stopped and just looked at us. For at least a minute. Explains why we haven’t seen any deer in the area this weekend.

We were inside our home, otherwise I think we would have been their breakfast. They stood there are stared at us for the longest time with a intensity that cannot be described. I felt like prey. I both respect and fear them. Walked right up to us and stared us down.

Apparently very unusual to see a male-female pair together. What is scary is that

(1) they can outrun a deer (and me!)

(2) can jump 15 vertical feet standing still and

(3) leap 30 feet out from a standing position. Awesome creatures, beautiful too. >>>

So… I googled  how to avoid a mountain lion attack and came up with over a million tips:



  1. It’s a momma and a baby. See the spots? It’s about a year old juvy so it’ll be on it’s own soon. I think it’s a male too.

    • Thank you State Park Ranger, Jessica. Appreciate your input.

  2. Wow, they are gorgeous creatures!!

  3. Hah wow.

    So the other night, Mari tells me, “Hey Danny, we left the dog’s leash tied to one of the deck posts outside. Please go get it.” It was like 10pm.

    Everytime I go outside at night (which is a lot), I shine a strong flashlight out around the property to make sure nothings around. So I’m shining my flashlight as I stand at the sliding door with it open. And then I see the two green eyes staring at me. I call Mari and say, “Look.” The eyes keep staring. They are very far apart from each other, so it’s a big animal. It stares at us and then lowers its head a bit, like stalking. Then looks away and then looks back again. At that point, I knew what it was.

    So, I speak loud out, “Hey there, Mr. Mountain Lion. Why don’t you go away?” Huh? You know what? You go have yourself a good night. I guess I’m not going out to get the dog’s leash after all. Ok? Good night.” So I stay inside, shut the glass door and put a big ol’ lazy boy chair in front of it. Lol.

    I’m installing Bluetooth lights out side so that we can turn them on using our phones when we get home at night.

    Good night. You have to see how the deck is coming along.



    • What a great idea about the lights, Danny! You be safe with that little family of yours!

  4. Thank you so much!

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