Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 19, 2016

3 Propane Company’s Feedback

Over the couple months, I have met with three different propane companies.  All three drivers have been servicing Palomar for many years.  All three told me there are some properties they can no longer get to safely.  They have bigger trucks now, with tandem back wheels, and wouldn’t you know it – trees have grown and branches are lower.  Some of our little dirt roads have soft shoulders and very tight areas because of trees taking up more of the roads. Some areas have large stumps that are difficult to navigate. A couple weeks ago a propane truck needed to be towed as the weight of the truck slid it over the side.

The three drivers I talked to said they all carry only 200 feet of hose.  For some areas to get your next propane delivery, tree and road work will need to be done first.

Just a tip to take advantage of this clear weather and maybe evaluate your roads.  You might connect with your neighbors and have a work party or call in the locals.

Your Fire Safe Council has a list of ‘Local Resources’ waiting for you at:


  1. It’s also true that fire trucks can’t get through some of these roads either.

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  2. Thanks!

  3. One thing I am not appreciating is the games propane companies are playing with prices. Twice in a row now they have sent me bills over 4$ Per gallon. When I call them to complain that the national and California average price is around $2.50 they immediately dropped the price to $2.48. That meant a drop in the bill of $400! Both times they have said it was a mistake but it seems to me now that it is more like a strategy to price high and take advantage of less vigilant owners…..they don’t have any problems accessing my tank

    • Thanks for the heads up

  4. 🙂


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