Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 12, 2016

Real Estate Update


Two escrows closed this week. ‘ Just Around the Bend’ has some very excited new owners.  That escrow might have taken the prize for the longest so far in my 16 years.  We had a very helpful seller, very patient buyers, an engineering firm and county offices that finally got us a driveway approval.  It will be fun to watch how that beautiful view property develops.

I’m going to miss these chickens!  ‘Honey, Stop the Car’ has new owners heading our way to live on the mountain full time.  During escrow the seller needed to be out of state a couple times so I popped by to check on the chicks!  How fun to save table scraps, water melon rinds and all sorts of goodies for the gals, swapping for their eggs!   I think we need more chickens up here!

We also need MORE LISTINGS!  Just put the 82 acres on Nate Harrison into pending a few minutes ago and have an offer heading our way on another.  But, we are back down to an all-time low, again! Just let me know what questions I can answer for those of you considering selling.

There are a couple listings for you buyers to scoop up – some with recent price adjustments.  Then, let’s get a few more options for these summer buyers.

No ‘June Gloom’ up here!  Life is grand, above the clouds, come on up!

Bonnie Phelps

Palomar Mountain Real Estate



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