Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 12, 2016

Moving Van Came up the Nate!

2 men

2 men 2

Yes, you read that right.  A moving van came up the Nate Harrison Grade today.  They were just following their GPS.  For two guys who had never been to Palomar before, they had quite an introduction.

Plus, the Nate was socked in a cloud.  They said they could barely see to the back of the van.  They counted 10 turns where they had to get out, watch out, and carefully back up a couple times to make it around.  They said they could see far enough to realize they were on the edge of a sheer drop in several places and commented that if they had gone over the side, they were quite sure they would never be found.

Those two guys were the happiest guys on the planet when they broke through the clouds and saw our beautiful, blue sky!

So, here is a tip:  When you have delivery guys, a moving van, or your mom, heading this way for the first time:  You might suggest they stick to your very clear directions including “If your GPS includes the Nate Harrison Grade click for an alternate route up the South Grade S-6.  The East Grade can take a little longer, but best for the big rigs.

When you need a mover, these guys were hard working and very pleasant and they now know the best way to the Mountain!

Two Men and a Truck will move you!





  1. A truly classic story. I’ve recirculated it to my private distribution list.


  2. This happened to some delivery Guys that brought some freight to us it was starting to snow and they came up Harrison grade in shorts and sandals fallowing there GPS they had no idea where they were. I bet they won’t trust that darned GPS again.

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