Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 2, 2016

Lowest 10 Sales Winner!


Had a fun call from an editor at the Union Tribune.  Doing a 2015 wrap-up for San Diego County, he is featuring the top 10, highest priced homes, sold in the county last year.  Those will be pretty fancy and all happen to be in La Jolla.   In addition, he is also going to include (drum roll) the 10 lowest priced homes. 

I knew right away what he was getting at. 

I tried very hard to get him to swap me out with one of the top 10.  But apparently, I really won the prize on this one.  We were both laughing when he explained that I not only represented one of the lowest, but TWO of the lowest priced homes in the county in that bottom 10!    That would be Alaska Dreams and Nev-R-Dun!  What a kick!

When he asked why these cute little cabins made the cut, that was real easy.  I explained they were mouse houses, came with free pets and needed lots of love.  But, there is good news! Alaska Dreams is presently being restored as a Vacation Rental with a new name: “Half Pint”. (Isn’t that the cutest name?!?)   So, we have it ‘coming soon’ at Palomar Mountain Vacation Rentals. 

I’ve sure been thankful for all the fun Ranches, Cabins , Homes, Lots and Land I have been entrusted with since the beginning of the Century.  About a decade ago, a buyer for a beautiful Ranch, said she noticed I deleted the photos from my website, after escrows closed.  She suggested I save them on a Solds page as she wanted to be able to look at her ranch or show it to friends any time.  As you wish! So, all that ‘eye candy’ is there for your viewing pleasure anytime.

Big or small, I’ll sell them all! 

Back to the editor, he did ask if he could include my name and website!  I had to think about that one – a split second!  So, there is some free exposure coming our way!  Would you like YOUR property included? Do you have a property you’re thinking about listing ‘In the Cities or Above the Clouds? 

I’m glad to list anywhere at all.  Just give me a call!

Thank you, thank you for these fun 15+ years in Real Estate!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

Follow-me: 760-742-1742

PO Box 82, Palomar Mountain, CA 92060








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