Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 2, 2016

All GOOD weather up here!!!

An old cowboy came home today with a Union Tribune.  He’d been on a city run, having breakfast in a favorite coffee shop, relaxing and reading about this storm before he broke out his crossword.  News for Palomar Mountain caught his eye:

On Palomar Mountain, a gust hit 70 mph just after 3 pm.  “I saw on the forecast 75 mph winds could be possible up here and we agree with that number,” said Bonnie Phelps, who lives on the mountain.  “It has really been crazy, crazy windy.”

Phelps said she saw rockslides and several tree branches down as she took an afternoon drive around Palomar, but didn’t spot any big trees toppled by the gusty winds.  There was no snow, either.

“We are going to have to have the temperatures drop a little more to get snow tonight,” Phelps said.  ” we don’t say this kind of weather is bad – this is good.  We love the four seasons, and we love this beautiful rain and we really love the snow.”   (Storm Lashes County by Lindsay Winkley and Gary Robbins, San Diego Union-Tribune)

This is a pretty great job, running around on days like this taking photos of new listings!  Of course I had to have a couple for YOU, too!  Apparently it looks like it snowed on Palomar, looking up from the surrounding cities.  The trees are still so beautiful after our storm last night, finally cooled down a bit, and turned to ice. Crestline was treated to a very thin blanket of white, but most of the top of the mountain was in a fairy land of lacy, icy trees.  So beautiful with bright blue sky with clouds rolling through, never got above 28 degrees today!

Great times on the Mountain!

Bonnie Phelps


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