Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 29, 2016

68 Acres Highway to the Stars

IMG_1677 9

IMG_1518 5

Come away to this 68 acres with the spirit of adventure, on the historic ‘Highway to the Stars’.  Waiting for your signature, it is now called Canfield Road and the first driveway on the left after you pass Mother’s Kitchen and the Store.  As you enter the land, you’ll discover it to be very private, with an abundance of deer and wildlife.  See the Observatories and High Point Lookout from what may become your picnic area while you make your plans to enjoy this land.

What would be your plans be for this property with a driveway right off a county plowed road?  This easy year-round access is extra special with the promise of another storm on the way!

Come on up to explore!  More info waiting for you at Palomar Mountain Real Estate.

Let’s take off on a hike!

Bonnie Phelps-waiting-for-Snow!



  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Do you have any snow scenes of Mt Palomar that are especially awesome that you would let a local painting class use as photo reference?

    You will get full credit, of course.

    If so, please attach and send to

    Thanks so much! Nance Oleksa 858-748-7809

    • Just sent you some favorites. If you have room in your class, please email me a message. I am glad to turn it around to the subscribers. Most people live off the mountain and with your subject being ‘Palomar Snow’, you might get some new artists!

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