Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 29, 2016

Now lendable! Little Green Cottage!


The ‘Little Green Cottage in the Woods’ is now able to be purchased with a loan!  Thanks to much hard work by my lender and some wonderful findings at the County offices, our title company now includes a plotted road right to your door as part of the legal description on their title report.

Come on up and turn this little cabin into a great weekend getaway for your family, or maybe even a Vacation Rental.  There is something pretty special about Real Estate that pays for itself!

Want to learn the details for a loan?  A quick phone call with Bobby Askari, you’ll get your questions answered and be on a roll.

We’re promised some snow in a few days.  How fun is that!  Rain, shine, or snow.  We can always get to this cabin with easy, level access and check it out!

Let’s bundle up and go!

Bonnie Phelps





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