Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 3, 2015

My froggy voice – what about YOU?

So what do I have in common with Julie Andrews?  We both know all the words to the Sound of Music!  And we both lost our voice with similar questions unanswered.

My son, Nathan and I also have something in common with Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google!  We have been trolling on line, searching what we can find out about this difficulty in breathing and froggy voice that Mr. Page has now experienced, twice.  He set up a foundation and has invested millions of dollars.  Quite a few names you’d recognize are a part of his board, including ‘Maria’. Lots of great information. Very helpful and shorted our learning curve tremendously.

After being told a few weeks ago I had a ‘paralyzed vocal cord’, I heard about risky surgery options, passed the blood tests, and my CT scan found only ‘tiny’ nodules on my lungs.  It has been interesting to visit my five different doctors so far, in a quest to learn what caused this and how to get my voice back.

The biggest challenge has been breathing.  Since that is something I do quite often, I finally goggled ‘Naturopath’ and found one who also specializes as an Allergist.  My first visit was pretty remarkable.  After not ever thinking I had allergies, apparently some have surfaced.

Dr. Gaila discovered in a few minutes that I show a sensitivity to some foods.  Not surprising.  But, then trees and pollen (that would be the mountain and most anywhere), a virus, horses (Buddy and Dollar!) and some other little critters that I’m often lovin’ on.  However, what is so fascinating is, she has a program where you can be “cleared” of your allergies.

The program is easy. My treatment will take another couple weeks to complete.  Of course we aren’t sure that my voice will be back totally, but this has made such a difference.  Still ‘choosing my words carefully’ but the good news is; now I don’t sound as much like an old toad, but more like a little frog. 🙂 I’m not sick, not contagious and with this treatment, feel so healthy – better than ever!

Perhaps some of you readers have health issues that could benefit with this same treatment?  I really encourage you to see what she could do for you. My voice situation could be tied in with something else, but if you can benefit by connecting with Dr. Gaila, it would make it all worth it.

Sincere thanks for all your prayers. The prayers and kindness shown my way are much appreciated!




  1. So glad you see and end in sight – it’s hard when you can’t find out what’s wrong.

    • I am so blessed! And learning to choose my words carefully!

  2. God Bless- (glad to hear you didn’t go to Joan Rivers doctor) Jimbo

  3. Bonnie, Jim and I are praying for you and Don; for the return of your good health and for Don’s support of the return of your good health. We care.

    God bless you both.

    Betty B.

    • On Betty, Don is loving this, as you can imagine! Silence is golden! 😉 Prayers so much appreciated!

  4. bonnie where would I go for the allergy site you suggested?

  5. Hi Bonnie, Good to hear that you and your voice are feeling better. About the same time that you sent out your first email about losing your voice, the same thing happened to my coworker. She went to a specialist who “scoped” her and he saw food stuck there and told her she had “silent reflex”. It isn’t fun losing you voice (or anything else). I’m glad you found some good help! Thanks for sharing! Marcia

    • Thank you Marcia. I had the same thing done. Apparently have ‘leaky gut’ which Dr. Gaila said her treatment would ‘cure’ also.

  6. Hey Bonnie

    I’m glad to hear it isn’t too serious. I also have a “paralyzed vocal cord” due to a paralyzed nerve that controls it. They’re not sure how I got it but it caused some alarm in my 30’s and then again a few years ago when I had a “chronic sore throat”. They always think it’s a tumor! I’ve always had GERD – gastrointestinal reflux but when I had the sore throat, it turns out the reflux had worsened. The paralyzed vocal chord disfunction can also let some stomach contents into the lungs occasionally and cause illness. I’ve had a few bad lung infections periodically but for the most part Prilosec twice a day and not eating acid causing foods at night.

    I’m not sure if the doctors discussed reflux or not but maybe? It’s pretty common when you get older and vocal chord dysfunction is linked to it?


    Sent from my iPad


    • Appreciate your feedback Frank. I’ll show these comments to the doctors. Dr. Gaila said she can reverse colds also. When you first feel you are getting a bug – fever, chills, that miserable feeling, if you see her within 12 hours, it will go away. Pretty amazing. Keep eating that venison! She’d approve 🙂

  7. Bonnie I have been reading your emails and feel bad you are having problems with your voice. I am not a Doctor but I need to tell you a little story. Many years ago my older Brother had the same problem. He lost his voice. He used to sing in church choir. But out of the blue, no more. Like you he went to numerous Doctors. None could help. They all had a different diagnosis. Then he went to a Chiropractor. Bingo. It was some kind of nerve in his spine that was the problem. After about 7 or 8 visits he returned to normal and went back to singing and talking which he loved to do. I don’t know if this is your problem, but I felt compelled to tell you that story in hopes it may help. Sincerely John Lucaccioni

    • Thanks so much John. Dr. Gaila is also a chiropractor. I have visited two others for pretty cool treatments for this. The day after a car accident, about 40 years ago, my legs wouldn’t move. A roommate helped me out of bed, got me dressed and pulled me down the stairs with neighbors helping get me in a car. She took me to a chiropractor who used a stretcher to get me in the office. About an hour later, I walked out. Yes, I believe in chiropractic. 🙂

  8. Way to go Bonnie. When I was diagnosed with my rare Cancer the my doctor told me that very little is known about my cancer that only hope was to go to the Internet. So when I got home from the Hospital I bought a new computer and went on a search for help with this cancer and I found some great info that my doctor hadn’t seen tests and treatment that I should have. That was 10 years ago and my cancer is still in remission. So keep searching there are answers out there. All the best wishes and prayers Gary & Lynda

    • Thank you Gary. You are so right! Glad you are doing so well. Great having you and your cars at our mountain events!

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