Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 4, 2015

Peter, our Palomar Historian


Over a decade ago Peter and Kathy bought a cabin on Palomar.  A few years later, they sold it.  However, Peter is a librarian at UCSD and continues to gift us with his fabulous collection of research pertaining to our favorite mountain.

He and Kathy had their Palomar Mountain History table at the Apple Festival.  They had albums of old photos on display and shared history on that very chilly day-in-the-clouds. 

South Graders, Burt Hulbert and Bobby Graziano got to visit a bit with Peter and Kathy.  They were shown photos and told some of the history of the “Highway to the Stars”  (We should work to get that name back, don’t you think?)

Then, Marcia Beishline gave Peter some interesting local history of her family that has had a love affair with Palomar for over 100 years. You can also see Barbara Waite (Marcia’s sister-in-law), to the left of Peter’s table, selling her newest book of her grandmother’s journal – Elise’s Mountain Years.  A fun day… 

Peter has also been responsible for having Robert Asher’s book published, and several out of print books re-published and available now through his website and the Palomar General Store.

You’re invited to visit Peter Bruggeman’s Palomar Historical Archives

More mountain history is stored on our Palomar Historical Link – quite a few contributions by several mountain families, including a link to Peter’s treasure trove.

Thank you so much Peter and all who value and contribute to what our Mountain is today!

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