Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 28, 2015

Opt Outside!

Palomar Mountain Snow  How many of you would rather be on the Mountain, than in the aisles on the biggest shopping day of the year?  That would be me.  Think it has been at least several decades since I have been in a mall over Thanksgiving weekend.

I sure I am not alone in applauding REI for closing their doors that day, giving their employees a paid day off and encouraging all to Opt Outside!

Here is a link for you with REI’s great little video, plus an opportunity to post a photo of where you’ll be instead of shopping on that Friday.  I’m posting this pic taken a few years ago, carefully going down State Park Road after a (wonderful) ice storm.  Yes, I love snow and occasionally we are treated to a winter wonderland over Thanksgiving weekend!  Here’s hoping!

Yes, I’m option for outside in any weather!  How about you?


  1. Gorgeous photo! Love this program that REI is promoting.

    By the way….you’ve been in my prayers in regards to your vocal troubles. Things progressing for you?

    Blessings, Terry

    Sent from Terry’s Batphone


    • Thank you Terry, interesting journey! Meeting some very intriguing doctors and learning a lot, meanwhile choosing my words carefully…

  2. Bonnie- you know I’m the snow grinch…. Lol but that picture is absolutely breath-taking!!!!

    Wow! I am in awe of The beauty of God’s creation!!! Thanks for sharing… And you might have warmed up this snow grinch’s heart just a TEENY bit with that pic!!! 😉

    Love you!

    • I know deep, down inside, you really love snow. I know you do!

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