Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 19, 2014

Be Prepared Tips from Marie Waldron

The summer is over and the fall fire season is rapidly approaching. We all had a taste of what can happen last May when a series of wildfires struck throughout San Diego County. Fires, earthquakes, floods and landslides, all occur with regularity in Southern California; it is only a matter of time until the next natural disaster strikes.

Consequently, we should prepare for disasters and emergency situations of all types. Creating a family disaster plan, including where to meet, how to keep in touch, how to secure your home and what to do with pets and livestock must be planned in advance. Once an emergency hits, it’s too late.

More information about disaster preparedness is available at:

California Emergency Management Services:

While governments at all levels prepare for everyday emergencies, major disasters can overwhelm emergency services. For these reasons, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program has been established to assist first responders and to provide training and emergency assistance in areas impacted by natural or man-made disasters. To learn more about Palomar Mountain CERT and CERT programs throughout the county, please visit:

Palomar Mountain CERT:

San Diego County:

The recent fires in this region have served as a wake-up call.  Now is the time to plan and prepare. The safety of our loved ones may depend on actions we take today.

Sent by,

Tom Stinson

District Communications Director

Assemblymember Marie Waldron, AD 75

350 W 5th Avenue #110

Escondido, CA 92025

Phone: 760-480-7570

Fax: 760-480-7516

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