Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 18, 2014

Palomar Observatory at Children’s Hospital

Palomar Mountain Obervatory at Children's Hospital  Hopefully, you’ll never see this beautiful rendition of the Palomar Observatory up close.  But, if you must, you’ll be very pleased with the wonderful care given your child or grandchild.  Today I got to be with our oldest ‘Treasure’ who is feeling much better after an asthma attack, pneumonia, and couple days at Children’s Hospital.  I’d noticed that her room had such well done art, covering a wall.  It depicted the planet Saturn with the rings, so we talked about the solar system a bit, between snuggles.  When I slipped out tonight, this caught my eye on the fourth floor. I had to stop and take this to share with you.  About 5 x 5 feet, it really is lovely.

Enjoy your last few days of Summer!

“Grandma Bonnie”


  1. Hi Bonnie, Thanks for sharing. The painting is lovely. So glad your “treasure” is feeling better. Marcia

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