Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 28, 2013

Property on Palomar – Update for You!

View Home for sale palomar mountain

We’re having such fun taste-of-Fall weather on the Mountain Top. I know there are many of you wishing for your own piece of Paradise so you can join us! Here is an update for you:

You’ll see a couple “In Escrow” signs on Palomar these days but the little Hamlet of Happy Holler is back on the market. I am quite convinced that there are very special people out there who will be so happy to make Happy Holler their next project.
Click for more info on this and other Cabins available on your favorite mountain.

We only have two little lots to choose from these days. Click for the details.

Like something bigger for family and friends? There are some beautiful homes available too! Amazing views to enjoy the beauty of the Four Seasons.

Do you have friends interested in Palomar? Sharing this link is much appreciated. Thank you!

Let’s go on a tour!

76O 742 one 742

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