Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 28, 2013

A Camel on Palomar!!?! Come meet Samson Saturday!

camel at the bbq
Well, how special is this!?!! I think this is the first time in history for a camel on Palomar Mountain. Be sure to bring your camera to the PMVFD BBQ Saturday!
The Oasis Camel Dairy will be bringing Samson the camel to the event. You will be able to see this gentle camel up close and personal, take photos and pet him!

Thanks to: Gil and Nancy Riegler
Oasis Camel Dairy
Check out their website:
Watch Gil and Nancy on: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Discovery Channel’s DIRTY JOBS w/ Mike Rowe
Animal Planet’s Untamed and Uncut
Larry King Live

PO Box 1321
Ramona, CA 92065

Click for the details of the day!


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