Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 29, 2010

Game Night too on New Years Eve

We just can’t leave you out there in the cold after the State Park Sunset Hike!  You’re invited to come by for Game Night!  We’re promised colder weather and Sharon Bergman had a great idea!  Let’s have a potluck of crock pots and kettles of soup.  We’ll warm up and then have some old fashioned, mountain fun with Dominos, Boggle, or whatever YOUR favorites are. 

WHERE: Nate’s Place – the apartment/now game room above the garage at our “Square House” on State Park Road.  Six tables ready to go!  (Please email or call for directions).

WHAT TO BRING:  1. Your favorite soup, cornbread, rolls, appetizers or dessert.  You are welcome to drop them by before the hike.  Take the stairs to the left of the garage.  Plug in your crock pot or put whatever in the fridge or the oven – someone will be there to help (and sample the goods!).

2. Your favorite game if you’d like.  We’ll have a few out also.  You can come to play or just relax and warm up by the fire.     

WHEN:  Anytime after 4:00 on Friday night.  Those brave hikers that would like to join us will show up maybe around 5:30 pm or so.   

Join us at the Sunset Hike, or Game Night, or BOTH! 

Happy New Year!

Bonnie and Don


  1. Fun to have Lauren and Jordan playing games. Hope you are feeling better and can join us tomorrow night at Palomar Praise. Also, several locals meet on Sunday mornings about 9 am at Mother’s for breakfast or coffee. If you’re free to pop by, we are supposed to be there by 8:459 am ish. Hope you had a happy first day of 2010!

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