Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 28, 2010

State Park Sunset Hike New Years Eve

Watch the sun set on 2010 from Palomar Mountain!  Another fun mountain event is coming your way New Years Eve.  Julie McEntee called with a great idea and YOU are invited.  Here is the scoop:

4:15 Friday Night – Meet just OUTSIDE the State Park entrance. Park in area of photo, on the right side of the road, at no charge.  If you’re a little late and we’ve already started the hike, simply walk across State Park Road, to the south of the big sign, and you’ll be at the entrance to the Silvercrest Trail – and catch up! 

We’ll walk the trail, which is very easy hike, along the ridge with a great sunset view to watch the sun go down on 2010.   Sunset is to be at 4:42.  Then loop back through the parking lot (when you drive in, this lot is past entrance on the left),  past the State Park office entrance, and back to our cars.  (If you’d rather park in the parking lot inside the State Park, there is an $8.00 charge.)  That loop-hike is about a mile and a half.

Bring family, friends, and flashlights!

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