Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 14, 2010

See the Space Station Tuesday evening!

Thanks to Mike Pique for sending the following news our way: 

 The International Space Station will pass over San Diego county Tuesday evening (Sept 14, 2010) about 7:35 PM.  It goes fast (18,000 MPH or so..) and will be long gone by 7:40, so be on time.  It will appear at 7:35 in the northwest, near the Big Dipper, pass nearly overhead in Cygnus the swan at 7:38, and vanish into the earth’s shadow at 7:40 in Aquarius, in the east south east.  Here’s where you can look to get a star chart (not really needed – it will be amazingly bright) and a ground-track map: 

By the way, the web site has a link near the bottom to every night’s Palomar Mountain satellite predictions, from Heavens Above, and these are good enough for all of San Diego county.

– Mike Pique

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