Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 13, 2010

Friends of Jerry Lipetsky

 From: Mike Johnson

I was sorry to see that Palomar weekender Jerome Lipetzky passed away.   We have one of his beautiful paintings of the East Grade hanging in our entryway.

Mike and Kelly Johnson

“Jerry and Lynn purchased acreage on the eastern slope of Mt. Palomar and built a small cabin that overlooked Lake Henshaw and the cattle ranch where as a teenager Jerry felt privileged to work for room and board in an environment of oaks, grasslands and small streams. It was uniquely Californian landscapes such as this that he loved so much that became the heart of his later works as an artist.”

Jerry donated some of his beautiful art work to the Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Auction and it is treasured by quite a few Mountain folks.  Just a few months ago, my husband was on the East Grade on his horse looking for cattle and saw Jerry out enjoying the views on his land.  They had a nice visit.   – Bonnie Phelps

Click for more on Jerry’s life, an on-line Guest Book, and service info for Saturday, October 2nd.

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