Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 15, 2023

Happy Patient and his Dr. Vaucher

Remembering back to the first time I showed property to Brian and Yvonne on Palomar. They just had to have their land that day and later bought a cabin next door. Brian shared that Yvonne was a “neo-natal intensive care doctor who does very well with people under two pounds”.

A few years later we got a call from our son Brandon, saying that his wife, Heidi had just delivered their first son. He arrived early so was in intensive care. We rushed down to the hospital and met our neighbor, Dr. Yvonne Vaucher in the hall. We told her we were there to see our new grandson. She said, “Oh Judah Phelps??? He’ll be just fine!” He was one of her larger patients that day and I took the photo of the 5 pound, 4 ounce little guy in his father’s arms.

As most of you know, their family owned the ranch and lived next door for five very fun years. They followed their dream and bought a farm in Missouri, moving last year. A couple weeks ago, Brandon brought the boys out for a visit and Judah is now 15 and 6 feet tall!

When I heard that Brian and Yvonne were on the mountain, I asked to run Judah over for a photo. It was fun for him to meet his doctor from that very special, miraculous first day of his life.

Hope you are all enjoying celebrating moms. We’re also thankful for the doctors who help get them off on good footing. Well, yes, he does have shoes, but growing up on Palomar, he and his brother Atticus, their two sisters, Kiki and Sunshine were free-range and well grounded as they are quite fond of being barefoot.

The guys left for home yesterday morning after 18 delightful days with us. I just talked to Heidi. She and the girls drove from their home and the men-folk just pulled up at a special restaurant in Tulsa for a fun Mother’s Day dinner. Ah, the family adventures!

Happy Spring days and many adventures ahead for all of you!



  1. Thanks for this post! Two of my best friends have triplet grandchildren, all of whom were born prematurely 21 years ago. One set weighed four pounds each but the other set were 2 lbs. 12 oz for two of them and 3 lbs 4 oz for the third. Their mother’s blood pressure had shot up so they had to ‘take’ them earlier than ideal. Thanks to medical support, they all developed normally, thanks to people like Yvonne!

  2. That is so awesome! Loved your story, Bonnie! Thanks so much what you do and Happy Mother’s Day!!

    Best Regards,
    Darlene Lewis

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