Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 31, 2023

Danny’s Cabin Run

Hooray for the SUN this morning! I think everyone on Palomar is so glad to see the bright blue sky after another foot of snow yesterday. (I think that makes a total of about 8 feet of snow since the first of the year!)

Danny and his family live full time, down one of our little dirt roads, way back in, way down a steep driveway. For those of you who follow Danny, you’ve seen photos and heard about his good-natured struggles getting his family and Costco runs to their cabin. Recently, he got back up to the mountain later than expected, it was dark, and had three big bins full of groceries to get home. Up and down the driveway, lots of work, and then what happened? One of those bins took off on it’s own! Ah, life on the mountain!

If only he could figure out how to strap those bins full of Costco-must haves on to his snow board! If only…

Snow boarding down the road and through his property is a refreshingly fun example of turning lemons into lemonade. Great photography!!! (Danny is available for some wonderfully creative drone photography for you, too!)

Thanks for brightening our day, Danny! So impressed with your fun run!


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