Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 9, 2023

Biggest snow fall in 30 years!

Driving across Crestline yesterday, I saw Scott Morningstar walking along the road. Gave him a ride down to the Summit. His car is still snowed in and he explained because it is so deep and frozen, it was still going to be awhile to be driving again. He moved to Palomar in 1990 and told of the last BIG storm. It was back in 1993. Scott remembers how trees fell on cabins and cars and blocked roads for weeks.

Visiting with Ray and Sue Carpenter the other day, Ray also remembers that storm vividly. That is when a tree crushed their big trailer.

Well, the same things are happening now. NOAA Weather showed 58 inches for this storm. Of course, the berms and drifts are much higher in places.

The difference in these past 30 years is we have more personal snow plows rolling. Neighbors are helping neighbors carve out parking spaces to get the stranded cars off the roads so propane trucks, trash trucks and crews can get in for tree work and repairs to cabins, decks and driveways.

Glad this only happens every few decades. Hooray for all the helpers!

Do you live in the city and long to come visit the snow? Please be respectful of the “Residents Only” signs on the roads for the neighborhoods. Weekdays are the BEST times to visit the snow. The Summit area at the top of the grade and the State Park are great for snow play. Please only park only on the outside of the white lines so you don’t block the roads. Thank you for your consideration.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor in the Snow along with the locals

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