Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 9, 2022

Neighbors of Dylan Healey

Last Christmas mountain neighbors, Nanci and Dylan Healey were at church with us and I asked to take their photo. I’m glad I did.

This year Dylan’s mom won’t be with us. She passed away November 12th after two weeks in the hospital. Nanci first came to the mountain when she answered an ad in a newspaper to work at the Lodge in the late 1990s. She met Rick through a mutual friend. Rick’s mother, Vivian Thiry, had a weekend cabin, it soon became Rick and Nanci’s. That was the beginning of a new family on Palomar.

Dylan was born May 14, 1998 and grew up on the mountain, going to the mountain schools. Some of you knew Dylan’s father. Rick left a beautiful signature with his creative woodwork. It is easy to spot the live-edge fireplace mantles and other woodwork he did on and off the mountain. Rick had some medical issues for quite some time and passed away July 21st at home last year.

Dylan has spent much of his time over the past few years helping care for his folks. He also did Airbnb cleaning, property cleanup and working some on the mountain. He inherited the cabin and car and has applied for work off the mountain to pay his bills. He has been studying to finish a couple of on-line classes but the family computer turned on with one of those black screens. Time for a change. I’m just wondering if anyone has a computer they are not using?

Dylan is available for property clearing, helping with firewood or work you might have available until he can get a full time job.

His dad made the best apple pies and Dylan was here over Thanksgiving to make his first. He picked the apples, and made a fabulous crust. Delicious pie! He’ll be over tomorrow as he has a cookie recipe picked out for the Movie Night at Bailey’s. You’ll want to try them, I promise!

When you have an extra chair ’round your table, you might invite him over… he loves to eat!

Dylan Healey

PO Box 16

Palomar Mountain, CA 92060

cell 442-330-8113 text or calls

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