Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 9, 2022

Friends of Glenn and Cecelia Borland

Many of you remember me saying that ‘Glenn and Cecelia Borland are friends with everyone on Palomar and Cecelia is the hardest working person I know caring for all the goats, sheep, chickens and mountain kids’. She has always been quick to say that Glenn is the smartest person she knows. Oh, how she loves her Glenn.

How did they come to live on Palomar? Back in 2008, while driving past the Lodge, I noticed a truck I’d never seen before. It had all sorts of antenna on it and a bearded man looking like he needed directions. I asked if I could help. He explained that he was looking for a home at a high elevation for his ham radio hobby and land suitable for his wife’s goats and chickens. I invited him to jump in my car and see the new house I’d listed at the end of Birch Hill. We had just driven through the gate when he saw those huge boulders, smiled and said, “it’s perfect, my wife will love this”.

Even though Glenn pointed out that the house wasn’t bolted to the foundation and needed a lot of work, eventually they couldn’t resist. They went right to work to build the barn and Glenn’s lab so and they were up often, making friends with their neighbors. Pretty quick Glenn’s skills as an engineer and diplomat, strong business sense, calm demeanor and voice of reason were recognized, so Glenn was recruited for the PMPO, Volunteer Fire Department, Water Board and Church Board and served much of these 14 years. They moved up full time May 3, 2009 when they had his lab and the barn for the animals ready and enjoyed so much their time together on the mountain.

The photo was taken last summer at Vintana on our way to a special wedding. Such a lovely time together.

A few weeks ago, October 27th, Glenn arrived in Heaven.

Cecelia’s family flew in from Alaska, Texas and Arizona. Two long-time friends tied up some of his business. Her plan is to stay on her beloved mountain and evaluate after a year.

A celebration of Glenn’s life is planned for the spring. Cards, visits, hugs and prayers are appreciated.

Cecelia Borland

PO Box 245

Palomar Mountain, CA 92060


  1. Hello Bonnie.

    I am so very saddened to learn Glenn has left us, though he is now home. I hope Cecelia is doing okay. I am so very sorry for your loss and for that of all of the Mt. Palomar Adventure Club.

    Thank you also for the note about Dylan. We are praying for him.

    Merry Christmas!



  2. Linda and I got to meet them both. They were quite friendly. Glenn was probably the smartest guy I’ve ever met!!!!

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