Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 23, 2022

Lots to be Thankful for!

Would you like to join us ’round our table for Thanksgiving tomorrow? This is a real invitation. Realizing most of you have big plans, just wondering if anyone might be by yourself or maybe not motivated to cook this year and like to come on over. We have a few last minute extra seats. We’d love to have you with other mountain neighbors for our favorite holiday.

There is something very special about living on this beautiful mountain. This has been our home for 27 years now. The View from my Desk could never grown old. Love the four seasons, lifestyle and all our wonderful friends. I often say being on Palomar is like going back in time a hundred years or so. Simpler times.

If turkey, all the fixings, pies and of course eggnog (‘Milk of Human Kindness’ for all you Scrooge fans), interests you, we have a place for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to All,

Bonnie and Don



  1. That was a sweet invitation, Bonnie. Hope you had some new folks at your table this year. Blessings for all, the guests and the hosts. Love Marcia 😊👏🦃❤️

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  2. Thank you for your gracious offer but we are going to our son’s home in El Cajon tomorrow,

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