Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 19, 2022

Three concurrent escrows had everyone running!

Recently I ran to take pix of my newest listing. The sun was slipping in the sky. I had to slow down a moment to appreciate the beautiful setting and just breathe…

Here is the latest fun that had us out of breath!

So many potential new neighbors and investor buyers were intrigued with the 9 acres for sale on South Grade. It is the listing with the 100 year old home, purchased for $1.00 and brought to Palomar in two pieces. Crestline neighbors decided to make an offer but it would be contingent on selling their cabin to own that Rim-of-the-World view!

Well, a client came to see cabins. Joseph loves Palomar. After years on the coast, he really wanted to live in the forest. I showed him what was active and then realized my new-listing-in-the-wings might be perfect. He fell in love with that view, too. He wanted to make it his own, but his purchase would be contingent on selling the home he inherited in Oceanside:

We called Nathan (my broker and son) who was on his way back from another run to Missouri. Nate met up with Joseph a couple days later, listed the house and had a ton of offers. We recently closed concurrent on his Oceanside property and his home on Palomar!

So, we have some happy sellers and buyers. Rim-of-the-World folks are finishing up their due diligence real quick:

Oceanside Fixer Sold!

Crestline View Home Sold!

South Grade Rim-of-the-World PENDING!

Like your property sold? We’ve teamed up 24/7 these days and on a roll.

Let’s connect, and get your questions answered.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor, with son Nathan-my-Broker, too!

On the Mountain 760-742-1742

Out and About 760-533-1742

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