Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 11, 2022

South Grade CLOSED Oct. 22nd

Sitting at my desk, I noticed a pretty fun convertible slow down out in our driveway. Then, it kept on going and stopped at the lookout across from us. My phone rang. Ron Schramm was across the road, waving at me, asking if he could stop by.

This turned out extra-special because seeing his car pull in, I wanted to go for a ride! Ron’s friend, John, gave up his seat and that dream came true and resulted in the quick little video for you!

You might notice the steering wheel is on the ‘wrong side’ of the car! Well, that is because the cars are English. The company was formed in 1952. The cars are pretty rare as only about 100,000 were built in the 70 years and are all hand made. To put this in perspective, an American car plant turns out about 3000 cars in a day. Ron’s Lotus is a 1964 model and he is the fourth owner of the car. It has a 1.6 liter engine with about 130 horse power. Lotus cars are still in production today but are pretty sleek; similar to a corvette. Ron’s wife, Candy, made the comment that his vintage model is more like a ‘tin can’. She does have her own 2014 that she much prefers as it includes doors, windows, a roof, air conditioning, a stereo and all the good stuff.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 22, 2022

The South Grade on Palomar Mountain will be closed for the day.

Ron got the blessing from the Palomar Mountain Community Support Group to have the ‘hillclimb’ with his San Diego Lotus Car Club. They have also coordinated with the Fire Department so it will in no way interfere with the emergency capability. 65 cars will be participating in the run. The road is closed in the interest of safety for everyone. Electric message signs will be reminders along Hwy 76. CHP officers will be at the top and at Purcell Road, where the South Grade will be closed. There will be no motorcycles, bicycles, trucks or anything other than the Lotus cars on the South Grade from 7am to 5pm. Volunteers will be on the mountain much earlier setting up. The run will begin at approximately 8 am.

You’ll be able to travel up or down that day via the East Grade or for those with a little more of a spirit of adventure, you might brave Nate Harrison.

Would you like to watch? Check out the Run from the lookout across from the Fire Station, on East Grade, where you’d have a front row seat.

Do you have a vacation rental? You’ll want to pass this info on as some of the travelers might want to watch, too.

For more info, simply visit and click on WCLM 2022 for the West Coast Lotus Meet.

Thanks for the fun ride, Ron!

Bonnie Phelps

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