Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 20, 2022

Like to know your approximate property corners?

Recently I sold 40 acres down in Pedley Valley. Think this was the 4th time I sold that land, I should know the corners by now!!! A few owners ago had it surveyed but there was one corner I hadn’t been to. It is the southerly corner, to the west of the old Pipeline Road. It is way back on on that north slope of Crestline. Steep, very steep!

The new owners wanted to see the corners. That is understandable but this is very rough country. I downloaded a new app. This app had taken me to the surveyed corners on a pretty level piece of land but for this very steep Pedley corner I didn’t have too much faith in it working properly.

Ok, I need to say that I am not a surveyor, nor do I pretend to be. Just trying out a program that another Realtor pointed me to and having fun with technology. Don’t need to go to the gym these days, just hike out and play with the app!

The owners and I drove as close as we could, then started following the little blue dot on my ipad, way down the steep canyons and back up again, over logs, past the deer, under hangers and finally got to where the corner was to be. That little blue dot stopped us right in front of a tall survey stake in the middle of no where! Amazing!

So, I had to try it on another listing last night with the very skeptical cowboy. We found one easy corner then I took off on a hike for 644 feet in an area even hard for birds to fly through. I’d not been to this corner either but I finally got into the cedar trees to where the app said the corner should be. I had no clue where I was but held out my hand to tie a pink flag on a branch for the approximate location. Lo and behold, I just giggled!!! Do you see what I see? There was the survey stake about 5 inches from where I was going to tie on the pink flag.

Would you like to play with this program? Simply download Land Glide (or another called OnX), enter your parcel number, download to your device and have your boots on. Use it free for one week. Or, I’m glad to pop by for a fun hike.


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