Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 15, 2022

$899,000 for 10 Acres with Views, Home + Apartment?!?

Absolutely! Best price for value per square foot on Palomar Mountain!

How about gazing off your deck to Catalina out in the Pacific Ocean? Or seeing the morning sun light up the Observatory? So many turkeys and deer are very happy on this land. Those guys could make room if you wanted to have a little farm. Very easy to be self-sufficient here. In addition to being on the grid, it is set up to plug a generator in, just in case you are off-grid.

The property was named StarHavens and operated as a much-loved Airbnb the past couple years. We did close that down recently so it is easily available to show and for you to call your very own.

What will it be? Here are new photos and details: StarHavens and Loft to make your very own!

Come on up to the Mountain Top and let’s see if this is “The One”!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor



  1. Do you mean $899,000 ? If it is going for $899 then I will buy that and make an offer !! Let me know, Livia

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    • Oh, thank you for the nudge! It’s corrected now but amazing how much attention the lack of three zeros brought to that listing!

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