Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 24, 2022

What a fun photo shoot day!

Fancy photography with a drone was on the list for a few properties. I knew one of our mountain neighbors, Danny Cruz, flew drones and reached out to him. Well, Danny said his good friend Levi Dixon is the BEST. So, I staged all, ran around before he arrived to have the lights on, drapes open and everything as good as it was going to get. We took off and it was ‘lights, cameras and lots of action’. He shot five different properties in ten hours. Yes, we ate lunch and dinner on the run! I counted eight sets of stairs we ran up and down many times to get the perfect lighting and just the right angles. He offered to drive so it was my first time in a Tesla Model 3 – so much fun.

Levi pulled out a couple different drones at Round House Ranch. This fancy drone flew out through the forest for a close-up of the Observatory view and caught the attention of a few hawks. One swooped in, thinking it was a noisy option for lunch. Since Mr. Drone wasn’t the least bit tasty, the hawk went on his way. I finally turned on my camera and caught the return flight, thankful the drone was doing just fine. The hawk? We’re guessing he found an even better option for lunch.

Please stay tuned. Three of these properties have been off the market for a month or so but will be back up, better than ever in the next couple days.

Bonnie Phelps, having a blast in Real Estate!

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