Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 14, 2022

Puddles on Palomar?

Usually we’ve had several fun summer thunderstorms with much-appreciated rain by now. So far? Nothing. This past week we’ve been promised chances of thunderstorms with maybe 1/10th of rain and even some flash flooding. It has been hot and humid but the storms have skirted us. Finally, today I heard thunder, off in the distance. Not a drop of rain here at the top.

This afternoon, heading down the East Grade I saw the asphalt was damp! Further down there were a couple areas where dirt had run off onto the road!!! Happy dance!! I really wanted to pull over and take a photo but had to keep going to meet my clients on time. Much to my surprise, pulling up to that lovely home on 77 acres, there were puddles!!! Yes, real puddles. You know, the kind that reflect the sun on the water?

So, for those of you also praying for rain, part of our beautiful mountain did get a bit of a bath. Smelled soooo good! Wish I could post this as a ‘scratch and sniff’! And, it did make for a lovely view:

This view can be yours, you know. Click for more photos of the property that got the most rain on all of Palomar today!

Rain, sleet, snow or a sizzling summer day, they are all great days to come for a tour ’round the mountain!

Let’s do this!

Bonnie Phelps (I can’t believe I took a picture of a puddle!!!)


  1. Thank you Bonnie, very nice.

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