Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 24, 2022

Yes, we’re still here! What’s in escrow?

Some of you thought we’d slipped away to Missouri…. not yet! So busy with Real Estate, staging, selling properties and still taking listings!!!

The Off-grid ultra modern on the South Grade is in escrow. The buyers had their property inspection yesterday and all is well. They are sure going to enjoy that amazing view.

Yes, this one is new but already spoken for! The sellers had a huge tree above the cabin that quite obviously decided it would rather be firewood, so that work was done and some other cleanup and staging. We were still in the middle of some projects when I reached out to the neighbors letting them know that ‘Sweetwater Cabin’ was coming up. The first ones decided to pass, but another said YES!!! Yes, yes, yes! Never fear, one more little cabin is in the wings so please stay tuned!

The buyers for the Crayola Cabin said have been up to see property with me about 10 times. When they walked in this cabin it was love at first sight. You just never know! The 10th time made their dream come true.

More listings heading your way soon!

Bonnie Phelps, still at my desk on the mountain!

Let’s connect! 760-533-1742

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