Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 30, 2022

Fireworks from Palomar

Fourth of July is coming up celebrating our country’s independence! Over the years, we’ve enjoyed so much watching the fireworks from a lookout on the mountain top. 17 has been our magic number. We’ve been to several parties where we could see fireworks from 17 cities! It depends on how clear the flatlands are but I do have a list here of cities you could watch for:

Saturday night you might see fireworks in National City and Sunday night over Mission Bay

Monday Night, 4th of July fireworks for 2022. Unless noted otherwise, all start at 9pm.

The most fun to keep an eye on over the years has been on Catalina Island. In the past, their fireworks are still running, long after the others have had their fanali.

Camp Pendleton at Del Mar Beach starts at 8:45

Carlsbad Legoland 8:30

Carlsbad Park Aviara Hotel

Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Coronado Glorietta Bay

Del Mar Fairgrounds

El Cajon at Kennedy Park

Escondido Grape Day Park

Imperial Beach Pier Plaza

La Mesa at Lake Murray

Poway High and Poway Sportsplex

Ramona Middle School

San Diego Bay

San Marcos Bradley Park

Santee at Town Center Park

Seaworld at about 9:50

Vista Brengle Terrace Park

Let the Shows begin!

Bonnie Phelps

“From every mountainside, let freedom ring” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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