Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 7, 2022

Crayola Cabin history with Alicelynn

A bit of history was promised for the naming of the Crayola Cabin. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Alicelynn Cockrill, the former owner up to see the renovation of their much-loved cabin. She has so many special memories of the mountain since she started coming up when she was eight years old! Years later, Alicelynn and her husband had a call from their friend, Arlie Bergman. He told them about a tax sale in Escondido. He had his eye on a commercial building but knowing how much they both loved Palomar, suggested they come along and bid on a vintage cabin. The auctioneer called out “Sold” and they were the owners for 45 years. They later purchased the land above them and had a wonderful time designing and building that cabin that has since been beautifully restored.

When I opened the door to “her” cabin, Alicelynn was so thrilled to see the Wedgewood kitchen stove is still a part of the decor. She remembers her mother cooking at that stove in their home where she grew up in South Gate. Alas, the city later decided there were to be no more incinerators or wood burning stoves, so Alicelynn and her husband brought it up to the cabin and used it there for many years. It now serves as a very cute Coffee Station.

The leaded glass front door was from their home in Escondido when they did an update there. She had a fun story about the wood stove in the fireplace. Years ago we had a dump on Palomar. It bacame a social gathering place. Debris was dumped in the big dumpsters but good stuff was set to the the side. It just so happens this little wood stove was waiting for them one day. They loaded it up in nothing flat as they had to bring their fabulous find back to the cabin. Just a little bit of wood provided so much more heat than needing to stoke the big fireplace.

When I first saw the cabin all fixed up as the very colorful vacation rental, it reminded me of one of the Crayola boxes of eight colors that are highlighted in each room as a very pleasant surprise throughout. Many students growing up in Escondido enjoyed Alicelynn as their teacher. Kindergarten was her first love but she did teach through third grade, too. She told me her classes went through many boxes of crayons over the years. And, she still has crayons when family or friends visit with small children, they are welcome to draw. So, Crayola Cabin it is.

Of course, new owners may name it anything you’d like: Click to see the Crayola Cabin, now in Pending!

Bonnie Phelps, A very colorful Realtor on Highway to the Stars


  1. I remember our neighbor AliceLynn and I loved their dog, seems like it was a friendly collie.

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