Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 9, 2022

Found: Great weed wackers and clean up crew!

Found: Exceptionally good, much needed, weed wackers and property clean up crew with Hugo and Joaquin. Joaquin came highly recommended by quite a few north county folks and was willing to come to Palomar. We had them up all week with up to 5 guys in one day working on about 25 acres. What a transformation. It was so inspiring to see their work ethic. Hugo is an amazing ‘singing machine’ up and down the properties with a weedeater. Yes, singing as he is working so very hard and always with a smile.

Joaquin manages his crew and is also a climber and laced the storm-damaged and dead branches out of trees. They were so willing to do anything we needed including removing fencing, loading and packing debris and several different needs. After staging the properties, they brought up a chipper and two men for a day and moved from pile to pile transforming the properties. Everything asked of them was answered with a ‘yes’ and a smile.

They will be back this week and enjoyed their time on the mountain. If you need their services, just text or call Joaquin at 858-335-2951, he will bid your job or work by the hour. We felt they were very reasonable.

So thankful to find them,

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor with some properties heading your way and looking pretty special!

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