Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 30, 2022

Trees and Ice Scrapers

Way back in 2009 I met a nice guy by the name of Gene Powers. We sold his cabin, he moved to Iowa and kept in touch ever since.

A couple times a big package has arrived in the mail. Ice Scrapers from Gene for the people of Palomar. He said he could never find them in So Cal but there is a big bin at the door of most stores during the winter in Iowa. Some of you might remember me posting about these free scrapers over the years. I’ve also had fun stopping ’round the mountain to add one to snow-covered windshields. Like one? Just let me know! Click to see the past three ice scraper messages. What a kick! One time he bought the store out!

Gene’s cabin of 32 years, is now named The Spotted Owl. It is changing owners for the third time since he took off for Iowa. Jim and Teresa McCarthy will be handing the keys over to new owners very soon. There with be a few ice scrapers waiting there for them from their friend in Iowa.

I had to giggle when I saw this message from Gene today so thought I’d share with you:

From: Gene Powers <>
Last week the wind was very strong one day. I have a couple of trees that when the wind is that strong will break off some dead branches & toss them in the yard. They think it’s funny. I can hear them laffing & giggling when I’m picking up the dead branches. All I have to do is call out CHAIN SAW & that shuts them up.

Lots of shutting up these days ’round these here parts!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor and Ice Scraper Elf

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