Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 23, 2022

Fun find in Mountain Home for sale!

It was so fun to have the owner of this cabin pull out this enchanting Guest Book that belonged to Hutch and Winnie Hutchinson 70 years ago. According to the assessor records, the cabin was 5 years old. I see the front porch was already enclosed. Now the cabin has more than doubled in size and is looking for a new owner with an empty guest book to fill!

Palomar got electric lights about that time and one entry mentioned the great food and how much their guest enjoyed wiring the cabin in December 1954. They were friends with many old timers names I’ve seen on deeds and read about in Palomar history books; Brownells, Morrisons and Thelma Samsioe. Hal Bowden stopped by and signed several times, once on official business with the Water Company. His son inherited his two cabins a few years ago. Those kids, Linda Dunbar and her brother Robert visited, and she wrote “This is the place the clouds and sun come together.” They still have a family cabin on the Mountain. (Big Jim, where were YOU that day?)

I envy the beautiful handwriting and many folks left poems.

“There are some who spend a life-time seeking Shangrila. I am among the fortunate – I have found it on Palomar. I have seen the stars, like the eyes of night reach down to earth. I have seen the orb of day sink down into a sea of fleecy clouds; and felt the peace and serenity that must have been when the earth was new. All this and Hutch and Winnie, too!”

At another time, the same author penned:

Even though I may be far

From this beauty spot on Palomar

My inmost thoughts will still be near

And in my dreams I shall be here.”

Has it been a dream of yours to own a beautiful piece of Palomar? Now is your chance. The first time I sold this charming cabin it was owned by folks who purchased it from Hutch and Winnie. We’re now looking for the 5th new owner since my shift, to carry on the tradition creating such happy memories with fine food and wonderful friends enjoying the amazing views. Here is a view the present owner captured this week:

Like to make it YOUR view? Quick, come up and see for yourself.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor enjoying the Good Old Days but the BEST is yet to come for you on Palomar!


  1. that’s a nice story.

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