Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 27, 2022

Forget the Cheese!

Oh, another adventure today for this mountain Realtor! Taking photos for a new listing coming up, the last guests had left the lid off the Vegetable Oil. The lid was right there so I put it on and sat it on the shelf. Then I noticed a little ‘twig’ in the bottom of the container. See that twig? What???!? It’s NOT a twig???

Well, I looked in and saw two mice that were apparently non-swimmers. A little tomato was on the counter too so I threw that in just for fun.

There were a couple mouse traps in the cabin, but no mice. Cheese just doesn’t do it these days apparently. It’s so easy to simply leave out an open container of vegetable oil. The first one dives in and calls to his pals. Put the lid on and – ta da. You just cut down on the mouse population. Hooray!

You’re welcome.

Thinking I won’t include these pix in the marketing….

Bonnie Phelps, with your Realtor Tip of the Day!


  1. Hi Bon,

    Great posting. More! More!


    P.S. So sorry to learn about your planned departure from our famed Mountain but it will be great for you to be with family and especially the little ones.

    On another subject, we had about 30 flying ants inside our sunny living room window this morning. Never saw any before in the 32 years we’ve been here. Big mystery. Looking for a quick and easy way to terminate the squad.



    • Try Vegetable Oil!
      Thank you Bob. There may just come a time that I’ll hear “you still here?” It may be awhile getting all these listings sold. Fun times!

  2. You crack me UP Bonnie! I would have freaked but your narrative just made me laugh OUT LOUD! So busy-will this be a record breaking year or is it just the season? I remember this is around the time we met you last year.

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