Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 23, 2022

‘Fresh Air Resort’ Cabin with Cathedral

‘Fresh Air Resort’, a vintage cabin tucked away in it’s own private forest on the well-kept secret of Palomar Mountain. Cozy up to the original stone fireplace built about 80 decades ago. When the owner had me over, he talked about some projects he planned to do over the years that will be left for you. Then we stopped on the patio and he pointed to the three towering fir trees and said, “I discovered my cathedral here and sit on the patio and talk to God”. It is a very special place.
My husband was leaving to go out of state for a few days so put up several new signs for me. That prompted a few calls and neighbors just had to have it. They will take over the projects of a new roof, moving out the residents (oh, you know, those pesky woodpeckers and mice), installing new siding, getting the propane working again, adding heat throughout the cabin, new windows and a few more things to keep them busy. But meanwhile the owner, a fine craftsman, built some beautiful cabinets and the live edge counters with mountain wood, installed new flooring throughout and in a little bunk shabin out back. He is invited to visit anytime he’d like to see the progress of ‘Fresh Air Resort’.

Click to see the listing with lots of photos. It’s already in Pending but thought some of you might appreciate the story.

You’ve gotta be quick these days to be the next owner of a piece of paradise on Palomar!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor for Cathedrals, too!

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