Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 8, 2021

Great day for my Real Estate Broker

Nathan had a great day Monday. As most of you might know, Nathan is one of our two sons and is also my broker in Real Estate. He is so good at seeing potential so has some amazing before and afters of projects he has taken on and worked to see those dreams come true. This latest sale is his biggest project so far. Starting with an old tear-down, Nathan and partners, designed and built a beautiful home in Del Mar. He got in late but it was so nice to sit with him and visit a few minutes. His 24/7 project the last four years on Sunny Acres Lane closed escrow! Ahhhhhh, such a nice feeling.

When his brother, Brandon, wife Heidi and his four nieces and nephews bought their ranch next door, I was so happy Nathan took us up on living in our guest apartment. It’s been a long commute to the coast and all over the county for his listings and sales but so worth it to see those kids that call him ‘Unks’.

A couple weeks ago as Nate was running down to the flatlands, I asked what was on his agenda for the day. His house was already in escrow and he decided to surprise the buyers by planting the garden boxes – perfect timing for them to harvest and they were thrilled:

Like a peek inside? Simply click for the video tour: Sunny Acres Lane, Del Mar

What’s next for Nate? We’re all hoping to keep him close by. He does have a cabin to rehab on Crestline … but a big, beautiful world awaits! It will be exciting to see what gets his attention.

Thank you for indulging me… such a proud and thankful mom!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor, with the best broker in the world


  1. What good news! I am sure he’s so happy that house is sold now. What a nice Christmas present for him and for the people that bought the house. Win-win ✨

    Love, ✨Jana✨


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