Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 12, 2021

Two Days of SDG&E Power Outages?

Yes, these power outages are inconvenient, but I sure am thankful the crews are hard at work to make Palomar Poles safer.

A couple months ago, I got to watch the crew replace a pole right across from our property. Fun to see them at work and I had a front row seat at my desk. Two cranes were used and so much involved to orchestrate the pole replacement. I couldn’t resist and went out to talk to the man directing traffic. I was curious why they picked this pole across from us to do first on our road.

He explained that the pole I see in my view every day won the prize for having the most woodpecker holes of all the poles on State Park Road. It is also very weathered being totally exposed, right on the rim. I’d remembered a small piece was left at the side of the road, free for the taking. I went over today for the photo. It is still there to see for yourself and if anyone wants it, first one to show up, it’s yours!

So, it looks like both Friday and Saturday we may have power off from 8 am until almost dark – or so. You are invited to click on both buttons on the map up there in “Cleveland National Forest”. They don’t mention Palomar being impacted, but, hello, it does include us. This outage notice has been a little confusing. First we were told the power would be off Friday unless too windy. Then it would be off on Saturday. Well, now the SDG&E Outage link shows both days. Time will tell…

It will be an interesting two days for those of you dealing with no power. Hoping you’ll be able to take the days off and run errands in the city, read a good book, or come on over! We have free Coffee and Wifi waiting for you. Another idea some folks needing wifi have done is ‘moved’ into the Valley Center Library during these outages. They also have great wifi and a fun museum next door to check out on a break.

Would you like things to be different for you during our next outage? Take advantage of the Generator Assistance Program offered by SDG&E. To qualify you need to live in a high fire area with planned outages. Well, that would be all of us. We had good reports with folks pleased with being prepared with their bargain generators.

Let’s all make the best of it! Humm, maybe I should pop some cookies in the oven first thing in the morning…

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor – Off-Grid or Power Humming

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