Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 29, 2021

Mountain Lion Neighbors

‘Party of Three’ waiting for dinner!

We’re always thankful when we see deer grazing down in our orchard. Living here since 1998, we used to see so many more. Thinking these hungry fellows might have something to do with the diminishing deer population. Keep an extra eye on your kids and pets these days. When a lion shows up close to home, be sure to report them: How to report a Mountain Lion.

Thanks to a local for sharing his webcam photo!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor on Highway to the Stars

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  1. Darn right they’re responsible for the declining deer population. That’s what happens when a predator population is of control. Mountain lions are not “endangered” in any rural or semi rural part of the state. But they’re protected because they are “endangered” in urban canyons and urban wildlife interface zones. I’m an animal lover but also a hunter and decline in the population of larger, more mature deer is kind of shocking on the mountain the last 5 years. The deer population does seem to be responding by producing a lot more fawns this year but we’ll see how it goes. The black oak die off has also given the deer a lot less acorns to feed on which is added pressure on them.

    If I had to use the how to report a mountain Lion hotline I’d have to call every week 😬

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