Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 14, 2021

Neighbor sold to a Neighbor

Well, almost.

When escrow closes, it is usually bitter-sweet for the sellers to hear they no longer own a cabin on Palomar. That is the case for someone most of you locals know; Ron and Debbie Bowen have sold their cabin. I do believe Ron very reluctantly gave the key to his neighbors, Jim and Teresa, in a very formal ceremony today.

But, Jim and Teresa really aren’t the buyers. One of their daughters, Monica and her husband, Anthony are (Welcome pic soon!). Tonight they are hosting a family dinner at their city house where Jim and Teresa are very excited to pass the key on to their newest family member owning a cabin on Palomar. This makes two daughters, a son and all those grandkids have joined them up here. Monica and Anthony wanted a cabin close by and you can’t get much closer than next door to their mountain-loving grandparents!

Ron and Debbie are taking off with some long-awaited traveling adventures. She has their RV packed and ready to go. However, we just might see them once in a while as this mountain just gets in your blood and Ron has a few more backhoe projects.

Fun times ahead! Hooray for All!

Bonnie Phelps, Neighborhood Realtor

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