Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 9, 2021

All it needs is Love – Fixer cabin for sale

Dream-come-true fixer for creative folks looking for a project. This vintage cabin on a half acre had its beginnings in 1930 and wins the prize for needing the most love. After power came to Palomar in the early 1950’s it apparently grew a bit with an enclosed porch to 1016 total sf. Then, about 2005, the owners, whose family had the weekend cabin all those years, invited me to stop by and see their new kitchen and bath.

When I parked and walked up the stairs, I noticed a huge tree above the cabin looking like it could come down any minute. We talked about that tree a bit in that nice new kitchen. A few weeks later, I called and asked if they had insurance. Well, they didn’t. The top of the tree was removed from the now air-conditioned kitchen and the lovely skylight it left really ‘brings the outside in’. Ah, all that rain and snow over the years found it’s way into the bathroom and living area so you’ll want to freshen up those rooms, too.

But, that’s not all. A few years ago neighbor kids told me they got new BB guns. It must have been purely a coincidence a short time later when I noticed broken windows and saw BBs all over the floor. With thanks to two Amazing Angels who rolled up their sleeves, boarded up the windows, waved their magic wands and left the cabin, broom-clean (well, almost), you really have an unpainted canvas to transform.

Oh! There are a few more features you might appreciate knowledge of prior to coming up to Palomar Mountain to see this gem. Recent recorded surveys show the westerly property line goes right through the cabin (Ah ha! That is what the pink ribbon in the photo is all about). About 50% of the cabin really, truly is on the neighbor’s land. He doesn’t have a appetite for an easement or boundary adjustment so the cabin will need to be moved off his land. The shed on the other side of the property line is yours, too. Just needs to be moved. Imagine that!

So, here is another story for you. Since the cabin had been unlocked for years, there was some vandalism. I walked through to check on it one day and saw the toilet was gone! “I can’t believe, someone would steal the toilet!!!”, I said out-loud with no one else around. I walked back through again, and realized our beautiful Four Seasons of weather had ‘softened the floor’, so to speak, and that toilet??? It was now under the house. Demolition has already started! You are so lucky!!! It is also vacant so there is no one to evict. So many positives!

But there is more! About half of the land is heavily forested so you have more land than you think with a half acre. The property has a water meter with local mutual water company. Power and phone was hooked up in the past and their septic tank was apparently in use. And, drum roll, another neighbor is starting up a catering business so hot meals and fresh bread could be delivered to your door. How could you resist? Going, going, going….

Cash buyers only please … Click for the MLS link with lots of photos of the good, the bad and the ugly, then simply sing along and it will make the re-hab go so much smoother:

Always glad to get your questions answered and give you a tour.

Bonnie Phelps, Palomar Mountain Resident Realtor since the Beginning of the Last Century

DRE 01293655

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