Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 22, 2021

New Mountain Musician – Chris Clarke

It is always fun to welcome new cabin owners to this beautiful mountain. Chris Clarke comes with a banjo! We’ll have his family introduced real soon when everyone can be here the same time for a photo. Meanwhile, the bluegrass band is playing at Wynola Pizza this Saturday night, the 24th. Who is going to join us? We usually car pool to make it extra-fun. You’ll want to be there a little before 5 for a good seat and get your order in for a great meal.

The band is named “Plow’. Naturally, I asked how they came up with their name. Chris replied, “One night in Wynola, we were playing back in the early days before we had a name.  Our banjo player at the time, founding member David Bandrowski, named the band Plow.  He said, “We’re Plow” and it stuck.  For the full story, come to Wynola :-)”

Let’s pack it out with Palomar music lovers!


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