Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 2, 2021

Over the moon excited!

There are several new property owners on Palomar! I can hardly wait to introduce them but meanwhile, must share a little joy.

A dad popped by with one of his sons. Yes, we had big hugs as they were over-the-moon-excited to have a new cabin to call their own. The catch with two brothers is there will be NO screens!!! Just a cabin of their very own, trails to explore, trees to climb, many adventures together and magical memories to last a life-time.

Another family has great plans escaping to their hide-a-way, including sharing their new cabin with their newest kitten. You might call this my ‘buy a cabin and get a free kitten’ program. (“Hazel” is the one in the photo with blue eyes.) Only two kittens actually went to cabin owners but three more did find wonderful new humans that promised to let them live inside and not just be mousers in the woods. Thank you Kimberly Mead for the kittens that made all these folks sooooo happy!

One new owner can hardly sleep. She is living her dream-come-true with delightful decorating and planning for new additions to her fairy-tale cabin. Family and friends absolutely love it there and she enjoys sharing it so much!

It was so nice meeting another new gal who just closed her escrow. We first met when she was one of the multiple offers on a recent listing. It broke my heart to have to let her and others know that someone else ‘won’ the cabin. Well, she did find a cabin of her very own and is so excited to be able to join us up here.

Proper introductions real soon!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

On a roll, burning the midnight oil again…

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