Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 4, 2021

Dutch and Bruce playing and singing TONIGHT!

It’s Friday night and getting close to dinner time! And, what do you know!? Bruce and Dutch are tuning up their guitars to entertain us tonight. Order off the great menu at the Bistro, come on out and enjoy the music.

From: Denise <>

Friday, June 4 , 2021   5 – 8pm 
Wynola Pizza and Bistro
Julian, CA

CD update:

After a year in production, The Smith Mountain Boys have completed our first album, Cover Stories.  Twelve of your favorite cover songs have been professionally mixed and recorded on CD’s. We will have the CD’s available at each gig for purchase or via our website, If you are local, just give us a call if you want a cd or two, 760-207-5569. 

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